Support Your Club With A Membership Subscription

For an annual subscription of $20 per calendar year, you'll receive ...

up to 50% off cover charge for club events and even sporadic bonus FREE entry throughout the year.

(You'll recoup your membership fee if you attend at least 4 Live Blues Nights in 2024.)

If applying for more than one membership, please fill out separate applications for each additional individual.

1. Fill out a membership form

You can download a standard form to print and fill out or fill out the online form.

2. Pay your subscription

You can pay by Bank Transfer to account 633 000 / 187 036 272 or by cash at our next Live Blues Night.

Fill it out, make a payment by bank transfer, and email the form to

Fill out and bring it with you to our next event. Easy peasy.

You can pay by cash or card.

Join on the Night

If you prefer human interaction, you can fill out a form and join before you go in.

You can pay by cash or card.

If you experience any problems with your application, send an email to