Past Events

One of the reasons we started the Lightwood Bottom Blues Club was to bring local musicians together to network, collaborate, and to have fun and make new friends.

Thus the Open Mic concept was formed, where performers had 20 minutes on stage to share their talent. Nowadays, we're calling them Live Blues Nights, for increased public appeal. You want audiences, to perform for, right?

(See all you need to know about performing at our events HERE.)

With a mix of professional and recreational performers attending from around the Huon Valley and beyond, the talent has been impressive.

You can see some of the performances on our YouTube Channel and you'll note the increased confidence and improvements of recreational performers over time.

Take a peak at our previous gatherings

Live Blues Night* 22 July 2022 - review by club Patron, Skip Landy

OMN 31 May 2022, including a review by club Patron, Skip Landy

OMN 29 March 2022

OMN 22 February 2022

OMN 30 November 2021

OMN 26 October 2021

*Since moving from Tuesdays to Fridays, we now call these Live Blues Nights rather than Open Mic Nights

Kate Meehan @The Kermandie

21 August 2021

Ross Sermons @ The Kermandie

8 November 2021

LBBC Inaugural Blues Fest

17 April 2022

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