Q: Why is it called the Lightwood Bottom Blues Club?

A: When Geeveston was first settled, it was originally called Lightwood Bottom, for the lighter coloured Blackwood timber found locally.

We thought it would sound more intriguing to call it the Lightwood Bottom Blues Club rather than the Geeveston Blues Club, as it would better capture people's imagination.

The Geeveston Progress Association will be using the name Lightwood Bottom to promote its cultural activities.

Q: How did the Geeveston Progress Association get to be involved with the Lightwood Bottom Blues Club?

A: The GPA is always scanning for ways to improve our community for residents, businesses, and visitors. We have successfully grown our annual Art Show to be a major regional event, giving our artistic residents an opportunity to build their confidence and display their work, and we hope to do the same for the many musicians in our community ... in particular, those who love playing the Blues.

Our local demographic is an ideal match for the Blues. The GPA would love to see Geeveston become a bedrock of Blues for Southern Tasmania.

Q: So, if the GPA controls the Lightwood Bottom Blues Club, does that mean you have to live in Geeveston to participate?

A: No! Not at all. While performance venues will be mainly centred in Geeveston, the club is open to all recreational and professional musicians who love to play the Blues, wherever they live in the Huon Valley or even beyond.